On the tracks of the Bauhaus architects – Bus tour in Berlin

One of our stops during our bus tour is the Kant- garage house, which was constructed in 1929, Europe’s oldest and best conserved car parks, realized according to the draft of Richard Paulick. The route leads to the light, so called Laubenganghäusern with walkable rooftops and front gardens in Steglitz. We will also have a look at a memorial tablet at the former position of the Bauhaus. Only for one year the Bauhaus could find its home in Berlin Steglitz before the national socialists put up too much pressure and the Bauhaus had to close the doors 1933. It was never reopened. Everybody who is overwhelmed by appetite has to be patient until we reach Schokoladen Hamann, a small berlin based family chocolate shop. An uncountable number of pralines and specialities is waiting to be tasted in the small shop, designed by Bauhaus teacher Johannes Itten in 1928.